Legalism vs Sin

So I have a friend, who when I talk to her about intellectual/religious/worldview ideas, I always become hesitant to state my opinion because she is so quick to see it as legalistic and judgmental. Now this friend is a believer, but I have strong suspicions that she surrounds herself with a culture that is mostly ingrained in the lusts of the world. Side note: I am not advocating that Christians should separate themselves from non-believers and the happenings of the world. I’m simply saying that I suspect that my friend lives in a society that does not promote the making all things new and the restoration of humanity to our Maker, but in a society that is self-indulgent in nearly all things.

That being said, when I bring up an issue with my friend, she’s quick to get the look in her eye that says, “Who are you to judge what I do? I’m saved by grace and sin is a free game as long as I don’t judge others. People can do what they want, your opinion is unnecessary to promote, and you should keep it yourself.” And I’m calling BULLSHIT on this! (but not to her face, so I don’t get the look..ha!)

Legalism is NOT calling sin, sin! Legalism is saying that we are saved by what we do or don’t do and that grace is only a small portion of our salvation and relationship to God, instead of ALL of it. Sin is still an act of disobedience to God. It is still moving away from what our Creator desires for us. It still separate us from Him. And we still need to fight its brokenness, by the grace of God, with all of our God-given faculties. And it’s ok to call sin, sin. It’s ok to have an opinion on what people should and should not do. It is NOT ok to proclaim our own self-righteousness. It is NOT ok to ignore the plank in our own eye. We can call sin, sin, but we must also recognize that we are just as wretched and abased as the rest of them, but that we are covered but he blood of the Lamb.

It is NOT ok to sit idly by, and simply because we are all so broken, to ignore the brokenness of the world. We MUST continue to fight for the restoration of ALL things to our Creator, irregardless of our own brokeness. If we all waited until we were no longer broken, in order to call this world into reconciliation with God, there would be no one to proclaim the hope of the world!


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