Getting It Back Together

OK, brief update so I can “start fresh”.

At the end of April, the fit hit the shan, the Fallout occurred. Aubrey resigned from All Things New, leaving a mass of casualties in his wake. The blame isn’t put on him, but it is what it is.

Long story short, Birmingham kicked me out, Oklahoma took me in, and I now live with Whitney, an old college roommate, and I work for Chick-fil-a as a manager…that’s another story.

What is Allison doing working in a restaurant again after she swore it off? She’s doing her best to survive…bleh! To top it off, I’m the “kitchen manager”, and so far, after a month, all that means is an overpaid cook. So, I’m not satisfied, but at least I’m getting paid…ha!

Anyway, because I don’t feel like even thinking on it, that’s it. The end. Finis.


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