Be Single Can Seriously Suck

So being single and family-less can seriously suck. It makes life totally different than if you had a husband and children to look after. If you’re married, you always have someone to do things with and someone to talk with. You don’t go days, or even forever, without being able to share triumphs and heartaches. On Saturday nights, if you want to see a movie, there is someone to go with you. If you want to stay home, there is someone to talk to. If you feel depressed, there is someone to notice. If you are happy, there is someone to share the joy. Likewise, if you have children, you are never at a point of having absolutely nothing to do. Children are always there. Now this may not seem like much to complain about, but if you’ve been lonely for 28 years, you’ll understand. It seriously sucks to be home alone on a Saturday, wanting somewhere to go, wanting to go to dinner, and knowing that if you really want to do it, you will have to do it by yourself. I understand that sometimes, this is desirable, but it really would be nice to have the option of going alone, rather than being forced into it because you can’t manage to make yourself desirable to the opposite sex.

Then again, I know single people who are perfectly capable of always having people to do things with, so I’m left to draw the conclusion that I am simply a social moron, who doesn’t know how to make people want to know her.  I do not have a personality that is exciting or magnetic.  And so, I am again, left to make do with who I am. Take it or leave it, but please don’t get depressed because you can’t change it and even your own sister thinks you’re a social douche bag.


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